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the sound of science

What is the Sound of Science?
The Sound of Science is a method developed by Eugene Skeef using music to explore, explain and illustrate the physics of sound. Using his voice, body and a range of organic musical instruments Eugene engages and inspires adults and children of all ages, taking them on a magical journey to discover innovative and creative ways of understanding complex science principles.
Umoya Creations offers specialist creative workshops for primary and secondary school teachers. The purpose of these workshops is primarily to instil confidence in teachers to find engaging, exciting and creative approaches to teaching science to young people.
The Sound of Science workshops cover a range of concepts that many teachers find difficult to tackle with confidence. These include pitch, vibration, hertz, resonance, amplitude and standing waves.
Umoya Creations also visits primary and secondary schools to conduct these workshops in a classroom context, where both teacher and pupils benefit from the collaborative experience.

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Dancing sugar granules - finding the shape of a sweet sound.
Click on the image to watch a video of Eugene Skeef finding the visual representation of the pitch C sharp (at the frequency of 1190 Hz).

photo - © Nicola Waller