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There is no music without silence

Umoya Creations (UC) was established in 2003 by Eugene Skeef and Azra Kayani to bring music and arts education, reconciliation, healing and development through the arts to regions where people suffer from deprivation, physical and emotional damage and poverty.

While we engage with all ages, UC provides these opportunities for young people by helping them to discover their creative potential and use it to empower and advance themselves and their communities.

Our Aims:

Build tolerance and understanding amongst people of different cultures, races, communities, religions and class who may be divided by conflict

Promote equitable exchange between cultures

Empower people, especially the youth, and improve their lives by giving them access to music and creativity

Use music as a healing force to alleviate the trauma suffered mainly by young people

Give hope and capacity for people to rebuild and shape their own lives

Help create wealth among the disenfranchised through judicious and fair means of marketing their creative and musical talents and products

UK registered charity no. 1098189

photo - © Elizabeth Norden